Anyone Can Code.

We believe anyone with passion and perseverance can learn how to code and build unique software.

To provide a game-changing learning experience
that empowers becoming future game-changers.

Whenever we face a challenge and we need to make a decision, big or small, technical or interpersonal, we refer to our core values to remind ourselves what we believe in!

Codelita's six core values are:

  1. Excellence While Affordable
  2. Be A Doer
  3. Respect the difference
  4. Don't Just Take it, Own it!
  5. Trust the Journey
  6. Give a Hand, Show Gratitude
Aideen Nasirishargh
Founder of Codelita

The journey of Aideen Nasirishargh into programming began at the age of 12 when he worked diligently during summer to save money for his first computer, a Commodore 64. His early attempts at coding left him intrigued but puzzled as he grappled with simple codes like x + y = 5; y = 3; print x; and wondered why the computer couldn't deduce that x should be 2! Undeterred, he devoted years to mastering programming, ultimately earning an International Silver medal in IOI before completing high school. Later, during his undergraduate years, Aideen's passion and perseverance led him to the World Finals of ICPC twice in China and Sweden. His early experiences laid the foundation for a successful career in the world of technology and education.

At 18, Aideen built his first open-source web application from his bedroom with a 48 kbps dial-up Internet connection, embracing the Internet's global potential. He was amazed at how the Internet helps anyone to become a worldwide producer! He couldn't be more excited to see users from the Netherlands, Australia, Chile, and South Africa using his platform. Since 2003, he has taught programming and published a book on Data Structures and Algorithms.

In 2012, Aideen Nasirishargh left his Master's program in Artificial Intelligence to move to the US to work at Google Inc. Later, he joined Zoosk Inc., Credit Karma Inc., and Verkada Inc. As Director of Web Applications and Staff/Principal Software Engineer, he reviewed numerous resumes, conducted countless interviews, and hired many developers. Through this experience, he recognized the substantial demand for passionate programmers and the limitations of traditional education in meeting this demand. In 2019, Aideen decided to leave his job and dedicate himself entirely to the Codelita project, driven by his passion for building and empowerment. His mission is to make education personalized and accessible to all.