Codeeboard® by Codelita® is a virtual keyboard designed for touch devices (e.g., Phones and Tablets) to facilitate writing code.

* Codelita® and Codeeboard® are registered trademarks of Codelita LLC. Since April 2020, Codeeboard® is pending a patent at the USPTO.

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  1. Added missing keys (e.g., tab)
  2. Support for cursor navigation via swipe
  3. Arrow keys and navigation keys (e.g., home, end)
  4. Cut, Copy, and Paste with one click
  5. Undo and Redo with one click
  6. Clear grouping of special keys
  7. Parentheses and brackets pairing
  8. Text selection and move from keyboard
  9. Commenting out selected code
  10. Find and Replace
  11. Auto indentation
  12. Autocomplete