Frequently Asked Questions

Codelita™ is a platform that teaches people how to code (write computer programs, and build softwares and applications) from scratch.

Code comes from Coding as you have probably guessed!

Lita came from a simple poem the we made up and keeps us inspired:

Lita ba' Lita, Everyone a Lita!

In formal English, it can be read as “Little by Little, Everyone [becomes an] Elite!

Our poem contains two core components:

  1. Little by Little: Any long journey consists of a lot of little steps, taken one at a time. That’s exactly what people who climb mount Everest do! That's exactly how our Microlearning Nuggets Feature is designed.
  2. Everyone Elite: With the right support and guidelines, anyone with enough perseverance and passion, can eventually become an elite in the field. That's our Claim.

That’s why we are here!

PS. It also means Light in some languages. We would gladly take that as well!

Coding, Really

Hold on a second!

Do you not really enjoy building new things and showing it to your friends and family? Don't you like having a flexible environment and flexible schedule to produce everything you want from anywhere you want? Don't you like carrying a superpower in your brain, which happens to also be in high demand?

We totally understand that people might have some misconceptions about the programming. People might also have been exposed to the wrong tools, or wrong people, at the wrong environment. That's why we have created Codelita, to make a transforamtion on how everyone looks at becoming a coder!

So, as long as you enjoy building, and you enjoy having fun and learning, let's give it a shot!

Unlike a lot of folks in this industry, we believe anyone has the potential to learn coding and how to build software. We want to nourish this potential as much as we can.

We believe people, sometimes, overestimate what it takes to start this pleasant journey. They also underestimate the power of passion and hard-work. We want to be there to change such mindset and help anyone enjoy utilizing their hidden potentials as much as possible.

You might think all the programmers are born to be a programmer! While a few might be, that’s definitely not the case for all. Just like any other skill, if you practice a lot you can master it. So:

You don't need to be "gifted" with a talent,
or be good at math,
to become a programmer.

You just need to be positive, passionate, persistent, and have a good support. That last one is on us!

Great question! Before we start building Codelita, we had the same question. In fact, we asked so many experts the same question. And the follow up question to the experts who said "No!" was "Why?" This is what heard mainly:

  1. It's hard to type on Mobile: Have you ever tried to code a <= b on a phone to realize how hard it is?
  2. It's hard to set up an environment: You cannot have multiple windows for switching between the editor, the compiler, and the input/output terminals.
  3. It's hard to stare at the phone for two hours
  4. It's hard to host the results somewhere to share them with people

So, we collected all of these inputs and made Codelita to be the platform that addresses all of these! Just take a look at our features and see if you can find how we are covering it all!

More Help
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