Frequently Asked Questions

What is Codelita?
Codelita™ is a platform that helps people learn how to code (write computer programs and build applications) from scratch.
What does Codelita™ mean?

Code comes from Coding as you have probably guessed!

Lita came from one of our internal inspirational songs:

Lita by Lita, Everyone a Lita!

Which can be transcribed as: “Little by Little, Everyone [becomes an] Elite!”

  1. Little by Little
    All it takes to travel a long journey is to take a lot of little steps, one at a time. That’s exactly what people who climb Mount Everest do! That's exactly how our Microlearning Nuggets Feature works.
  2. Everyone Elite
    With proper support and guidelines, anyone with enough perseverance and passion can eventually become an elite in the field. After all, that's our Claim!

PS. Lita also means light in some languages. We would gladly take that as well!

Coding, Really?
I don't think Coding is really for me...

Hold on a second!

Do you really not enjoy building new things and showing them to your friends and family?

Don't you like having a flexible environment and flexible schedule to produce everything you want from anywhere you want?

Don't you like carrying a superpower in your brain, which happens to also be in high demand?

We totally understand that people might have some misconceptions about the programming. People might also have been exposed to the wrong tools, or wrong people, in the wrong environment. That's why we have created Codelita, to transform how everyone looks at becoming a coder!

So, as long as you enjoy building, and you enjoy having fun and learning, let's give it a shot!

Can I Really Learn How to Code?

We strongly believe so!

We believe anyone has the potential to learn to code and build software. We are on a mission to nourish this potential as much as we can.

We believe people, sometimes, overestimate what it takes to start this pleasant journey. They underestimate the power of passion and hard work. We want to be there to change such a mindset and help anyone enjoy utilizing their hidden potential as much as possible.

You might think all the programmers are born to be a programmer! While a few might be, that’s definitely not the case for all. Just like any other skill, if you practice a lot you can master it.

You don't need to be "gifted" with a talent,
or be good at math,
to become a programmer.

You just need to be positive, passionate, persistent, and have proper support. The last one is on us!

Can someone Really Learn Coding on their Phone?

Great question!

When we first started building Codelita, we had the same question. As a matter of fact, we asked numerous experts, and some straight-up said “No!” Our follow-up question was "Why?" This is what heard mainly:

  1. It's hard to type code on a mobile phone. Try typing a <= b on a phone.
  2. It's hard to set up a coding environment. You cannot have multiple windows for switching between the editor, the compiler, and the input/output terminals.
  3. It's hard to stare at the phone for two hours in a row.
  4. It's hard to share what you build with other people.

So, what did we do?

Intead of giving up, we tried to make it possible, passionately and perseveringly! We collected all of these inputs and made Codelita the platform that addresses all of these concerns.

Just take a look at our features and see what we have covered!

My Journey
How is Codelita different?

We know there are millions of resources out there for learning how to code! Numerous videos, apps, websites, training, boot camps, and programs. We have seen them all and spent years reviewing them. We wouldn’t want to reinvent the wheel—We want to make a real difference.

If becoming skillful and knowledgable is a destination, learning is a journey! And how you take the journey matters is what keeps you motivated and on track. That’s why we have built Codelita to provide a different learning experience!


  1. Education should not be one-size-fits-all. That’s what all those videos and pre-defined courses are.
    We have built our Machine-Teaching™, AI engine to learn from you and provide a personalized journey for you.
  2. Education should not be a one-way street. That happens when you just watch, listen, and read, and then you are left on your own to learn.
    We have built our second AI engine, Mentor-on-the-go™ to always be there for you and provide real-time feedback on your code 24 hours a day!
  3. Education should be available anytime, anywhere! You might be able to read and watch on your phone, but can you also code on your phone? We have built our virtual keyboard, CodeeBoard™, to make coding on the phone not only possible but also a joyful experience!

Check our features and see them in action and join us to give it a shot!

How much time does it take?

We recommend spending 3 or more sessions of 10 to 30 minutes per day on Codelita.

It’s important that you try to stay committed and do your best to make a cognizant habit to engage with Codelita.

Additionally, the path you take might be very different than someone else, even with a similar background. Your path will be dynamically set as you go, based on your performance, to provide what works best for you. That’s why a simple “distance, divided by velocity” formula cannot work here!

Where does it take me?

It’s a journey for us, too! Currently, we are focusing on providing enough steps to learn to code.

Our ultimate goal is to get to the point where people can attend onsite interviews for a real job after going through all the coursed of Codelita!

Which Programming Language?

Teaching how to code and how to build, in and of itself, is the core concept we are focusing on.

We evaluated several programming languages and talked to many experts and we found that JavaScript is the most popular language that fits best to start up with at Codelita.

You can read more about Why Javascript on our Why page.

Joining Codelita
Can I join Now?

Currently, Codelita is in the “beta” phase. We are testing our system to make sure we provide a delicious experience to the public.

You can join our Waitlist and we will do our best to have you on our platform soon.

If you cannot wait and you have time to be one of our beta-testers to test the system and provide detailed feedback, please contact us. We are looking for you!

Is Codelita Free?

Yes, joining Codelita and learning is free! The education and empowerment through learning a new skill shall always be free.

We also offer paid enhancements to make the journey even more delightful. Our paid features come with a trial to let you see if they actually help your journey.

If you are interested in paid features but cannot afford them right now, you can write your story to us and we will do our best to provide a discount that works best for you.

Other Questions
I think I have found a bug. What can I do?

Thank you in advance for helping Codelita get more mature!

Please let us know by contacting us. and providing as many details as you can.

I like Codelita! How can I help Codelita?

Thank you. That means a lot to us! 😊

Here are some ideas:

  1. During the beta phase, you will be able to provide us with direct feedback via the in-app messaging service. We would love to know how the journey is going for you!
  2. You can invite a limited number of your friends to Codelita. Invite them from the “Invite Friends” menu under your avatar in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Follow us on social media! You can find us by @theCodelita on most social media platforms and share your experience with Codelita!
More Help
I have another question...
Sure! We are happy to hear that and help! Please contact us.