(Screenshots for demo purposes only.)
  • You don't need to spend time setting up different pieces of an environment for coding—Codelita has got you all covered with its state-of-the-art IDE (Integrated Development Environment.)
  • The IDE contains a patented keyboard (for mobile and touch devices), an optimized code editor, and a run button to immediately run and test your code.
  • You can also customize the IDE, theme, coloring, sizes, and more to fit how you want it to look and serve you.
(Codeeboard®: USPTO Patent Pending as of April 2020)
  • Codeeboard®, Our custom virtual keyboard for touch devices (patent pending), is a revolutionary feature to make coding on the phone not just possible, but a delightful experience.
  • Codeeboard will be taught as you go to allow you to fall in love with it!
  • Optimized for coding (and not texting, like the default mobile keyboards), Codeeboard covers the missing keys (e.g. Tab, Shift, or Navigation Keys) and is fully optimized to help you type your code much faster.
  • We understand that everyone is very busy in the modern world, and it's challenging to find dedicated chunks of time to sit and learn like old days.
  • That's why we have broken down the content of Codelita into bite-sized (or you might call it byte-sized!) pieces called "Nugget."
  • Nuggets are supposed to take around 5 to 10 minutes each. So, as long as you find time for a break, whether 10 minutes or 60, you can always find some nuggets to complete and advance at your own pace!
  • Having a mentor by your side is a massive help in learning—a mentor who will provide feedback on your code at all times.
  • Our Mentor-on-the-go™ is a patented[1] AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine that reads and analyzes your code and provides human-readable feedback. It will help you identify your mistakes and move forward much faster!
  • Don't ever post your codes that don't work in forums, desperately waiting for a random expert to come online and help. The mentor is always there for you, so you will never be left alone again!
  • At Codelita®, we strongly believe education should not be one-size-fits-all in 2024. The speed and the level of detail needed for each learner are different.
  • Education systems haven't changed for thousands of years. They have always been a fixed one-way medium that offers the same curriculum to all the students. So, why not let the Machine, Teach?
  • Codelita® is using its proprietary AI-powered Machine-Teaching™ technology to provide a personalized curriculum for each learner based on their progress.
  • Once you finish your codes in Codelita®, whether it's a game, utility, or a fun mini-project, you can share the working version in your social network of choice!
  • Your friends, family, and followers will be able to play with the games you write or use the utilities you build immediately.
  • Your Personal Portfolio, available on the Internet, can be used in job applications as well as for saving all the bragging rights!