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Codelita® is an online platform for learning programming from scratch. Founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic by ex-Googler Aideen Nasirishargh in San Francisco, Codelita offers a revolutionary approach to education in the subject of programming.

With the high demand for programmers and the rise of the acceptance level of self-learners in the field, Codelita is trying to fill this gap. Codelita wants to make "Anyone Can Code" (their slogan) a real opportunity for anyone. Codelita's mission statement is: To provide a game-changing learning experience that empowers becoming future game-changers.

Codelita uses two proprietary AI Engines to provide a personalized curriculum for each learner and deliver human-readable feedback on each learner's code submissions, similar to a virtual mentor. Codelita also provides a custom virtual keyboard (Codeeboard®) that allows people to quickly write software codes on their mobile phones.

To learn more about Codelita and join the platform for free, visit

* Codelita® and Codeeboard® are registered trademarks of Codelita LLC., San Francisco, California, USA.
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